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Abhishek Bhatnagar

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About Me – A Professional Blogger By Passion. I was used to be Software Engineer working for some IT Companies in my early years after I completed my Engineering B.Tech [IT] from Indraprastha University, Delhi in 2007. I quit my day time job to become full time Professional blogger. As if today, I run technology media publication called Technixmedia which has several blogs, websites and web services across the web.

I am more crazy about computers, new technology, gadgets and innovative web services which converted me into a passionate web learner. Apart from all the web activity, fixing computer related troubles is my most favorite pass time since college days and from all this I have learned a lot about computers and their working. Yes, I still like to fix any computer software problem even just for fun and learning. I love computers, gadgets and human beings. I got featured on some websites, you can read my interview herehere and here

What I do – I am a Professional Blogger, Independent Web Consultant, Chief Editor. I like to stay on the top of technology and try out almost every smartphone, tablets and other tech gadgets which come in the consumer space. We cover latest tech news and do gadgets reviews on our website www.gadgetstouse.com which is one of the most popular gadgets website in india. We also have a youtube channel connected to this website at youtube.com/gadgetstouse – we do the most detailed video reviews of gadgets in the entire indian gadget industry.

I am manage these websites [mentioned below] in our network with a team of writers, authors and other bunch of technologyloving people. We provide web services like Content Writing, Social Media Promotion, Blogger Outreach, Product Promotion and Mass outreach program for brands for their products.

Technixmedia – It all about technology, and its a media network of websites. It covers technology news and articles on various topics like gadgets, technology, gadgets reviews, computer tips and tricks, computer troubleshooting, website reviews, mobile phone tips and tricks, iPhone news and application, automobile news and a question answer portal for computer related problems.

Websites In Our Technixmedia Network [ www.technixmedia.com ]

1. www.technixupdate.com – Computer Tips, Tricks, Tech News & Useful Softwares

2. www.gadgetstouse.com – Gadgets, Technology News, Reviews and Tips

3. www.mobiletipstricks.com – Mobile Phones Software, Reviews and Tips & Tricks

4. www.sitestouse.com – Collection Of Useful Web Apps, Web Sites and Web Startups

5. www.troublefixers.com – All About Fixing Computer Troubles

6. www.troublefixers.com/answers – A Computer Problem Solving Trouble Fixing Portal

7. www.appstouse.com – iOS and Android Apps Reviews

8. www.howtechwork.com – Daily Useful Tech How To and Tips

I do enjoy writing about technical things like computer tips and tricks on www.technixupdate.com and write about computer problems and solutions on www.troublefixers.com. I review latest smartphones and other technology related gadgets on www.gadgetstouse.com and I also play the role of Editor on other websites in our blog network which deals in different areas of technology, mobile phones and other miscellaneous topics are written by writers and moderated, edited by me.

We have another site www.sitestouse.com where we post new useful web services, web startups reviews which is written by a team of writers managed by us. One of our website www.mobiletipstricks.com where we post about useful mobile phone applications and software and news.

Apart from all these things, I keep innovating and try to launch new web projects like some mentioned above which make life simple for various web users.

Conclusion – You may find me as tech geek who like to talk about any thing technical , it could be Gadgets , Software’s, Computer Troubleshooting, Viruses, Tech News  etc.

But last and not the least, I am human and not as boring as you may have thought, I do enjoy watching movies, listening music and playing pool – one of my favorite sport.

To get in touch with me you can use contact page or drop me a mail on abhi.trace[at]gmail[dot]com

You Can Connect Me On Web At The Following Places

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  1. New Gadgets | About Abhishek Bhatnagar aka zapper Says:

    […] Original post by abhishek bhatnagar […]

  2. admin Says:

    Hey buddy
    you forgot to mention, people call you Bonjo also 😉

  3. Rohit Says:

    Hey buddy
    you forgot to mention, people call you Bonjo also 😉

  4. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    I must start working on my Personal blog too

  5. Harsimran Singh Says:

    Arre waah meri jaan… website looks pretty cool…. chal ab website ki bhi party de !!!

  6. Rockstar sid Says:


    I am sure I can beat you in cricket and carrom board easily 😀

    Good to know more about you but where do u live ?

  7. DjFlush Says:

    Pretty interesting portfolio there 🙂 I never knew you had a blog on mobile tips and tricks.

    I will definitely check it out.

  8. Aravind Jose T. Says:

    Congrats on the personal website.
    The profile is apt, not to mention the photo.

    Me too plan to get a personal website soon.
    You are always a source of inspiration.

  9. Rajat Says:

    What interests me most about your webpage is your favicon and small pic of yours besides your name.
    great work!!

  10. Manisha Says:

    Commendable effort…..:) 🙂

  11. Keith Dsouza Says:

    Good to learn more about you buddy 🙂

  12. Chetan Says:

    Nice to know more about you Abhishek 🙂

    And thanks for answering the questions in the Interview that would be featured soon in my blog.

  13. Gulshan Madhan Says:

    you work is very appreciable so keep on this social working.

    we love you,

  14. Kamlesh Ahuja Says:

    Its good profile & appreciated that U share ur knowledge with others

  15. vinod Says:

    Its good profile & appreciated that U share ur knowledge with others

  16. Taranjeet Singh Says:

    cool.. good going man!

  17. vinod Says:

    great i have also go through ur site troublefixers.com,technixupdate.com,mobiletipstricks.com.
    all r great.

  18. Harshad Says:

    Bonjo bhai huh?

    Good portfolio, but you forgot to mention to one thing…your love for food. 😛

    And yeah, even I love to play with viruses without any antivirus installed 😉

  19. Parshuram Khadka Says:

    Its on of the best job..keep it up Buddy…!I used to go daily in yr side…Really Helpful..Gra8e…!!!

  20. Vikram Says:

    Your Website is really useful, it helped me a lot.

  21. Ramnik Makker Says:

    yo bud.. gr8 going!.. hope to learn blogging from you soon!:)

  22. ABHILASH Says:

    i like your habit Abhishek even
    I have the same habit like
    trouble shoot the computer problems
    because it is very intersting
    and your webiste is very useful
    thank you

  23. p@r@noid Says:

    I love to play with viruses, have a habit of removing them without any anti virus tool 😛

    Like that attitude 🙂

  24. p@r@noid Says:

    Abhishek I feel bad that I didn’t get chance to meet you on the first day of wordcamp. Will try to catch you tomorrow. 🙂

  25. Techie Zone Says:

    Heya…gotta know abt you from Wordcamp…though I was not physically present in the event I was catching the whole action live in twitter and various sites of fellow bloggers. Now this page gave me more insight abt you. Looking forward to meet you soon.

  26. saurabh Says:

    i was going through this website of ur’s

    its so cool,
    if i want to make one such for me would it cost me much?

    take care

  27. Pankaj Batra Says:

    Saw you today at N97 Blogger meet.
    Just wanna say Hi.

  28. Mirgendra Says:

    Good Noon Sir, i am first time visit in your site.I am very impressed from you and i have also solve my problem by your site so thanks sir.
    I am a lot of weak in English so don’t mind sir.

  29. Anubhav Agarwal Says:

    You have paid for a full fledged site and you are such a tech freak. Take a next step. Develop something useful and put it here.

  30. aks Says:

    hey good profile man i just want to be like this cause i m also trying establish myself in this field.

  31. khuram shahzad raja Says:

    hello dear abhishek bhatnagar how r u and i hope u will b fine u r doing good work and i like peoples like u bcoz they want do some thing spesial.i wish u good luck and keep smile and b happy.cheers.

  32. PK Says:

    O yes verry happy blog!
    just beware! of dung beetle!!!
    and amWay is selling yoor SOUL to the devil! so avoiding them with also haste! Dhan’yavāda phira sē ātē haiṁ!

  33. Mahendra Pratap Singh Says:

    hey good profile bro… I just want to know that have u done work on free SMS API’s ???

  34. shakeel ahmad Says:

    How are you? With the Blessing of God I hope you will fine. It is very happy and hopeful for me when I am viewing the profiles of professionals and successful persons, and know about their careers.

    There is no doubt that hardworking leads to success. First of all I introduce myself.

    My name is Shakeel Ahmad and I have done by Commerce Graduation from the Punjab University of Pakistan.

    Now I am the student of Msc Information Technology in 3rd Semester in University of Education Division of Science and Technology.

    You will be strange that how am i telling to you all this, it is necessary because the thing which I am going to requested from you, you have to complete introduction about me.

    Yes according to my subject I want to become a punctual and best student of you. I hope you will keep me under your kind control and learn to me the keys of success and also learn to me the web Engineering tricks.

    It is my luck that I have such genius tutor. I am looking for best news from you regarding my subject.


    Shakeel Ahmad

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