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Abhishek Bhatnagar

About Me – A Professional Blogger By Passion. I was used to be Software Engineer working for some IT Companies in my early years after I completed my Engineering B.Tech [IT] from Indraprastha University, Delhi. I quit my day time job to become full time on my online business, Now I am a proud owner of my technology media company which runs several blogs, websites and web services across the web.

I am more crazy about computers, new technology, gadgets and innovative web services which converted me into a passionate web learner. Apart from all the web activity, fixing computer related troubles is my most favorite pass time from college days and from all this I have learned a lot about computers and their working.

These days I work from my home office & external office with a hp tablet notebook Macbook pro with extended 22 inch monitor and my old desktop with some other gadgets, you can see my home office pictures here. I love computers, gadgets and human beings. I got featured on some websites, you can read my interview herehere and here

What I do – I am a Professional Blogger, Web Consultant, Chief Editor, and Blog Author. I make money through all kinds of advertising on my websites, blogs and through other web services we provide, if you want to advertise on any of the below mentioned websites, you can contact me. I run my web based company from my home office right now, planning to get new office soon got the new office in Keshav Puram, Delhi. I am managing these websites [mentioned below] in our network with a team of writers and other bunch of people. We provide web services like Web Hosting, Content Writing, Social Media Promotion, Web Consultancy and some other related web services.

Co-Founder, Owner of web based media network called Technixmedia – It is an online technology media network of websites. It covers technology news and articles on various topics like computer tips and tricks, computer troubleshooting, website reviews, mobile phone tips and tricks, iPhone news and application, automobile news and a question answer portal for computer related problems.

Websites In Our Technixmedia Network [ www.technixmedia.com ]

1. www.technixupdate.com - Computer Tips, Tricks, Tech News & Useful Softwares

2. www.troublefixers.com – All About Fixing Computer Troubles

3. www.mobiletipstricks.com – All About Mobile Phones Software, Reviews and Tips & Tricks

4. www.sitestouse.com - Collection Of Useful Web Apps, Web Sites and Web Startups

5. www.getmeapp.com - Get iPhone Apps, Games, Tricks and Apple News

6. www.troublefixers.com/answers - A Computer Problem Solving Trouble Fixing Portal

7. www.carblogindia.com – All About Automobile News, Reviews And Technologies

8. www.appstouse.com – Useful iOS and Android Apps Reviews

9. www.fingyan.com - Your Guide To Finance, Banking & Insurance Fundamentals

I do enjoy writing about technical things like computer tips and tricks on www.technixupdate.com and write about computer problems and solutions on www.troublefixers.com. I review latest mobile phones and other technology related gadgets on www.getmeapp.com I do take care of editing on all other websites in our blog network which deals in different areas of technology, mobile phones and other miscellaneous topics are written by writers and moderated, edited by me.

I run some web projects and services with my partner Rohit Khurana as well, He likes to write about cars and automobiles on www.carblogindia.com and also working as co-author with me on www.troublefixers.com We have another site www.sitestouse.com where we post new useful web services, web startups reviews which is written by a team of writers managed by us. One of our website www.mobiletipstricks.com where we post about useful mobile phone applications and software and news.

Apart from all these things, I keep innovating some new web projects like the one mentioned above which make life simple for various web users. These days I have been thinking about another new web service, I hope you people like it. :)

Conclusion – You may find me as tech geek who like to talk about any thing technical , it could be Gadgets , Software’s, Computer Troubleshooting, Viruses, Tech News  etc.

But last and not the least, I am human and not as boring as you may have thought, I do enjoy watching movies, listening music and playing pool – one of my favorite sport, Let me tell you one more thing, I am a pretty good pool player and you can’t beat me :P

To get in touch with me you can use contact page or drop me a mail on abhi.trace[at]gmail[dot]com

Me and Rohit [Technixmedia.com] featured in a video interview for the first time, read or view it here

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